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Wanna Bee Children's Books
Written by John Trivelli       Illustrated by Anthony Snyder

I will be signing my first two children's books, I Wanna Bee a Home Builder and I Wanna Bee a Race Car Driver at 10:00am at Patty Jewett Golf Course Club House Sept. 25, 2010, 900 E. Espanola St.

Wanna Bee Children's Books is a whole series of books you will enjoy for years to come. This series is based on a young bee named "Wanna Bee" who is always wondering what he wants to be when he grows up.

The series begins with Wanna Bee introducing himself, where he lives and how he watched the Home Builders build his home. This makes him wonder if he might "Wanna Bee" a Home Builder when he grows up.

See how Wanna Bee explores the possibilities in his mind as he imagines himself as a Home Builder!

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Click here to see some pages from this book!

Free coloring page from this book!

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Wanna Bee Children's Books are designed to inspire a good work ethic by arousing the imagination and encourage children to explore the endless possibilities of what they can "bee" when they grow up.

Collect the whole series and have fun reading all about the wonderful adventures Wanna Bee has in his imagination!

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"I Wanna Bee a Race Car Driver"

More Wanna Bee Books Coming Soon

"I Wanna Bee a Fire Fighter"

"I Wanna Bee a Rock Star"

"I Wanna Bee an Author"

And Many More!!!

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About the Illustrator

Click the link below to watch how the amazing Anthony Snyder brings the books alive through his illustrations!

First he sketches the picture. Next he inks the picture. Finally he colors the picture!

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